What is Abscessed Tooth, Symptoms and Treatment

Abscessed Tooth Symptoms and Treatment

There are many causes of dental abscess. A tooth abscess can significantly impact your dental hygiene, Learn more about Abscessed Tooth Types, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment.

An abscessed tooth is a dental condition in which infection takes root in your teeth. The infected area is the space between your tooth and your gum. The cause of the abscessed tooth is decay. Your tooth is abscessed when it is severely decayed. However, there are other causes of abscessed teeth as well, for example, injury to the teeth and gingivitis. The abscessed tooth can cause many more problems for you.

Such a tooth is prone to have gaps between the tooth and the enamel. The bacteria then reside in the existing space and start affecting the pulp (the center of the tooth). If it not treated on time, then the infection can spread from the root to the bone that supports the tooth. Such conditions will escalate without medical attention, and you might also have to lose the tooth.

The Symptoms of Abscessed Teeth:

Even though the toothache is enough of a symptom for you to see a dentist but if you are not sure it is just a regular toothache or an abscessed toothache, then you might need to look for the following symptoms.

  • You will have pain while you chew your food.
  • You will be running a high fever at all times.
  • Your teeth or tooth will be sensitive to cold and hot things.
  • There will be a bad, almost bitter taste in your mouth.
  • Your neck glands will be swollen.
  • Your breath will smell foul.
  • You will fell ill; there will be a general uneasiness or discomfort.
  • Your gums will be swollen or red.
  • There will be draining sore right on top of your gum.
  • Your jaw area will be swollen.

If your infection is too high, then the root of your tooth will die, and you will stop feeling any pain rather abruptly. However, you must not be confused with it. The pain might go away, but the infection will still be there. It will remain active, and it continually affects the nerve ending.

The infection will continue to spread further, and if you do not take proper actions, it can affect your whole jaw. If you are feeling any of the symptoms mentioned above, you need to go and see your dentist.

Treatment of Abscessed Tooth:

The dentist will first try to drain all of the infection out of the tooth. The dentist might perform a root canal, or he will change the crown and place a new one over it. The dentist might even take the tooth out if the infection is too much.

The dentist might make an incision in the infected gum tissue that is swollen and drain the infection out. You will have to take antibiotics. The dentist will give you some pain medications, as well. He will also ask you to rinse your mouth with salted lukewarm water.