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Facilitating Pursuits of a Healthier & Happier Smile

At Cal Dental Group, our cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles specialize in restoring beautiful smiles with affordable, professional cosmetic dentistry services.

Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or for the one hundredth, their smile is one of the first things you’ll notice. All you need to know about that person’s mood and expression will be in their smile. More than 99% of Americans also agree that your smile is your best asset when you socialize.

For people who may be insecure about their smiles due to uneven or stained teeth, social situations can be nerve-wrecking. This is where the marvels and advancements of cosmetic dentistry come into play. These procedures allow them to achieve their pursuit of a brighter smile.

Choosing Confidence

People seeking cosmetic dentistry services in Los Angeles choose their confidence and self-esteem. Cosmetic dentistry allows them to reengineer their smiles, making them just the way they like them. It’s another way of addressing issues that may be hindering you from fully coming out of your shell.

The Cal Dental Group understands that cosmetic dentistry is a way of showing self-love and self-care. Complying with high industry standards, In addition, our team of talented dentists, nurses, and auxiliary staff all come together to make sure your experience is positive.

There is a wide range of procedures that address issues such as fixing crooked teeth, filling gaps, applying veneers, and restoring decayed teeth among others.
We combine the best of modern cosmetic dentistry with a stellar patient service attitude, making sure you leave happy and smiling a little more brightly!

What kind of treatments does your cosmetic dentistry clinic provides?

At Cal Dental Group, we provide a solution for all levels of tooth troubles. While they do improve the aesthetics of your smile and teeth, they also address problems conventional dentistry wouldn’t deem necessary. These cosmetic dentistry services include:

• In-office teeth whitening
• Cosmetic onlays or Inlays
• Gingival contouring
Cosmetic gap filling
• Teeth whitening
• Ceramic bridge fixing
• Cosmetic veneers
• Dental implants

What can I expect from my visit to a cosmetic dentistry clinic?

Just like any other dental appointment, a trip to a cosmetic dental clinic begins with a thorough consultation session where they will take your medical history. You can also expect them to perform a brief assessment of your oral health and discuss your goals.

What happens after the treatment?

Cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles has comprehensive after-care. Your dentist will provide you with the instructions necessary for making sure you get the best results possible. It will include information regarding pain management, diet instructions, downtime, etc.

Am I a candidate?

Whether you’re eligible to receive certain cosmetic dental services depends on the procedure. If your teeth have imperfections that you want to improve voluntarily, you may be a candidate. However, for more in-depth advice, schedule a free consultation at California Dental Group today.

Type of cosmetic dentistry techniques and treatments:

Get A Smile Makeover!

In conclusion, At Cal Dental Group in Los Angeles, you can find all dental specialties under one roof. We speak Korean, Spanish, Russian, and English. With our multilingual staff, we can help you feel comfortable expressing your dental concerns.