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Your oral health is as important as any other health aspect, and you should take it with ultimate seriousness. It would be best if you were willing to go out of your way to ensure that you are in good shape regardless of how healthy you feel.

Dental issues and oral diseases have become a significant problem globally, simply because a lot of individuals tend to overlook the importance of general dentistry services and hygiene.

The first step towards good oral care is ensuring that you brush your teeth after every meal, floss, and watch what you eat.

However, doing this alone does not guarantee you good oral health, and that is why you need to book an appointment with your dentist for general dental services. It is also recommended that you undergo general dentistry procedures in Los Angeles to ensure that everything is in check.

General dentistry services in Los Angeles entail a lot of procedures which include

Dental examination

The dentist will perform a range of examination procedures to evaluate your dental health and ensure that there are no underlying issues. When you visit the expert for the first time, you may undergo radiographs and preliminary tests to evaluate your dental health and determine if you need to be put under any treatment.


Examination of diagnostic

You may also undergo dental cleaning as a part of the initial test. Your dentist will ask you various oral health-related questions to understand more about your dental history and determine your exact needs. This will also give the dental expert an idea of what could be the cause of your dental problems. It is vital as it helps the dentist to identify any infection or disease in its early stage.


Cancer screening

oral cancer has become a significant issue, and that is why this procedure is necessary to ensure that you are clean. Also, cancer screening helps the dentist to detect any cancer-related signs before the issue gets out of hands. This way, you can undergo treatment before cancer gets to the untreatable stage.


Tooth decay tests

tooth decay is also another common dental issue, and the tricky part is that you may never realize it until it is too late, and the affected teeth have to be extracted. It could get even worse when one tooth affects more teeth, and you are left toothless. Undergoing this examination helps the dental expert to detect any early signs of teeth decay and take the necessary measures.


Gum disease examination

the dentist will examine your overall oral health to ensure that there are no underlying gum issues such as gingivitis and periodontal. Gum infections are common, and if the issue is not managed early enough, it turns into an irreversible problem, and that is why you need to undergo this examination.


Dental cleaning

this is necessary as it saves you from all the mentioned dental health problems and helps you to obtain a white and bright smile. Deep cleaning – you might undergo deep cleaning services if you are found to have gum diseases

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At Cal Dental Group, we recognize that it can be difficult to sort through the many dental specialties at times. We’re here to explain what general dentistry comprises and how we can support you in maintaining your dental health as your go-to general dentist in Los Angeles. This is an in-depth overview on general dentistry in the format of a FAQ.

Types Of General Dentistry Procedures:

Dental Cleaning

Regular Dental Cleanings

General Dentistry Los Angeles FAQs

Maintaining your oral health is essential for your overall well-being. At Cal Dental Group, we are committed to providing the best dental care in Los Angeles. We urge you to be proactive in maintaining the health of your teeth.

Avoid waiting for dental problems to occur. Make an appointment with us right now to have a thorough dental examination. We can assist you whether you need more specialist dental care, a thorough cleaning dentist, or a routine teeth cleaning in Los Angeles.

To find out more about our offerings or to make an appointment, visit Cal Dental Group. We are excited to work with you to get the stunning smile you deserve and to maintain outstanding dental health.

Your primary dentist for dental care is a general dentist. Your total dental health care needs are diagnosed, treated, and managed by this kind of dentist. Gum care, root canal therapy, fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, and preventive education are all included in this. General dentists are licensed to practice dentistry after completing their education at a dental school. To maintain the health and attractiveness of your smile, we at Cal Dental Group concentrate on a wide range of dental procedures.

General dentists are in charge of diagnosing, treating, and organizing all necessary services to satisfy your demands for oral health. In the event that you require specialized care, a general dentist will work in tandem with other dental professionals to make sure you get the treatment you require. At Cal Dental Group, we see preventive care as an important part of our duty, in addition to providing treatments.

In order to cure an infection at the core of a tooth, a root canal can be completed by a general dentist. A popular technique in general dentistry is root canal therapy. Our team at Cal Dental Group has extensive experience in performing root canals with a focus on patient comfort and effective outcomes.
Yes, general dentists can perform wisdom teeth extractions. Nonetheless, a referral to an oral surgeon may occasionally be necessary due to the complexity of the case. In our clinic, we evaluate each patient's situation separately to decide on the best course of action for their comfort and well-being.
Depending on their background and level of competence, general dentists can execute dental implant operations. At Cal Dental Group, we offer comprehensive dental implant services, from initial consultation to the surgical placement of implants and final crown placement.

Numerous services that are essential to preserving your dental health are provided by general dentists, such as:

  • Preventive care includes routine examinations, X-rays, and dental cleanings (including deep and routine cleanings in Los Angeles).
  • Restorative services include root canal therapy, crown and bridge placement, and cavity filling.
  • Cosmetic Procedures: Providing veneers, tooth whitening, and general cosmetic enhancements.
  • Overall Health Concerns: Addressing issues related to oral health, including the use of dental appliances to manage sleep apnea.
Since they treat the whole family's dental needs, general dentists can indeed serve as family dentists. Cal Dental Group is a good option for families looking for all-inclusive dental care in one location because we treat customers of all ages.

Choosing the right dentist is crucial for your oral health and overall well-being. At Cal Dental Group, we're committed to provide the best dental care available and are known as the greatest dentist in Los Angeles. We distinguish ourselves with our cutting-edge technology, skilled staff, and patient-centered philosophy. We can take care of all your dental needs, whether you require cosmetic dentistry, a complicated operation, or a basic cleaning.
Being a one-stop shop for general dentistry in Los Angeles is something we take great pride in. From preventive care to complex dental procedures, our goal is to ensure you leave our clinic with a healthy, beautiful smile.

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