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We deal in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal diseases, which includes periodontal scaling and root planning through proper periodontal maintenance therapy. So what is periodontal dentistry? Simply put, periodontal dental services cover the support structures around your teeth, from your gums to your jawbones. It’s easy to assume that your teeth are the only part of your mouth that matters, but periodontal health is extremely important, too. Because your gums are a sealed layer that protects your teeth, they can help keep bacteria and debris away from your teeth. In other words, with the right periodontal maintenance, it may even be easier to maintain the health of your teeth!

Our doctors at Cal Dental Group can allow you to maintain your healthy and beautiful smile and good health for a lifetime. As the best Periodontal care clinic in Los Angeles, we can also plan, manage, and help you maintain dental implants, which can replace lost or missing teeth.

Reasons for periodontal treatment

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Periodontal disease is typically implied by red, swollen, painful, or bleeding gums, but in some cases has no noticeable symptoms.

More than 75% of Americans suffer from some form of periodontal disease, with symptoms that include bleeding gums, sore or tender gums, and bad breath. As diseased gums recede, they expose your teeth to permanent damage and more serious oral problems.

At Cal Dental Group our periodontist specialist and dentists are trained in the most advanced techniques of periodontal disease treatment, to help you heal and restore your gums to superior health. We can review with you several convenient and effective periodontal disease solutions, including laser treatment, scaling and gum surgery. 

Our Periodontics Procedures:

  • Gum graft surgery
  • Crown lengthening surgery
  • Dental implant surgery
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