Root Canal in Los Angeles, CA

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

root canal therapy

Root Canal Therapy is a dental treatment for the nerve of a tooth to eliminate infection and protect the tooth from future bacterial attacks.

Why Do You Need a Root Canal in Los Angeles?

Root canal treatment or endodontic helps you save your teeth from being pulled out. In expert dentists’ views, a successful endodontic protect your tooth from being removed. Although, for an infected tooth, you need to get root canal treatment; but before making any decision, do consult your dentist in Los Angeles, who will prescribe you a better therapy after having your thorough oral examination.

How does it protect Your Teeth?

Following is the detail on how this dental treatment works to keep your natural tooth intact. Like many other medical fields, dentistry has also seen tremendous progress, owing to the invention of the latest equipment and procedures. Root canal treatment in Los Angeles is better than ever!

Thorough Examination of Infected Tooth

On the day of your treatment, your dentist will have a thorough examination of your infected area with a microscope, digital x-rays, and apex locators. This way, your dental surgeon can locate the deep infected areas, which cannot be examined by a naked eye. The examination provides details on the severity of your dental infection that, in turn, helps the dentist design a treatment for you.

Cleaning of Infected Area

The infected root canal is filled with infectious and inflammatory pulp. At first, your root canal specialist in Los Angeles will remove this pulp carefully to the deep down and then start further treatment. Earlier, the dentists used to clean the infected root with stainless steel files, but now nickel-titanium files and other high-torque handpieces are used, which are more energetic and secure in handling. These instruments have proved to be useful both for dentists and patients. One of the latest inventions is the use of ultrasonic vibrations for removing the infected pulp. 

Some dental clinics like Cal Dental Group use laser root canal therapy to remove pulp. This most recent and convenient method requires no drills or hand files; instead, it involves a laser and high-pressure water system to wash away the infection. The patient feels considerably less post-operative pain. The method is preferred as it increases the quick healing of the treated area.

Root canal services don’t require frequent visits. With the advent of the latest dental equipment and techniques, a single visitor, or in severe case, a two-visit treatment is provided. 

Cal Dental Group is one of the clinics in Los Angeles that offers single-visit periodontics. We provide a single visit treatment only when a portion of tissue is infected while the rest usually works. On the other hand, when the whole pulp is infected, a dental surgeon might recommend a two-visit root canal treatment. Once you have taken the treatment, you need to take proper precautions until you are completely recovered.

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