Celebrities Who Have Straightened Their Teeth With Invisalign

Who said that braces and Invisalign were only for preteens and teenagers? Anybody can benefit from the treatment of Invisalign to straighten teeth. In fact, many celebrities who have straightened their teeth with Invisalign have a newfound confidence in their smile! If they can benefit from these teeth straightening treatments, you can too!

Serena Williams

Who would have thought that an Olympic gold medalist was wearing Invisalign on the tennis court? Instead of traditional braces, it was safer for Serena to use Invisalign because of the sport she plays. Who wants to get hit in the face and a mouthful of metal with a tennis ball? This goes to show that even a decorated athlete can feel more confident using Invisalign to straighten their smile!


Can you remember the days when the famous Euphoria star made her debut as a Disney Channel actress? Growing up in the spotlight can put a lot of pressure on someone with how they look and present themselves. Zendaya chose Invisalign to discreetly straighten her teeth while still feeling confident in her TV roles.

Billie Eilish

If you’ve got a keen eye, you probably notice Billie Eilish taking out her Invisalign in her “Bad Guy” music video—talk about representation! Eilish isn’t afraid to showcase just how Invisalign works and how it helped her perfect her smile. The Grammy award winner had a minor gap between her teeth that she wanted to correct, proving that you can use Invisalign to help even the most minor cosmetic issues.

Zac Efron

Could you picture the teenage heartthrob that is Zac Efron with gaps in his teeth? Believe it or not, Efron received Invisalign treatment after filming High School Musical to correct his orthodontic issues. You can credit his pearly straight smile to Invisalign!

Kate Middleton

Not even the royals are exempt from orthodontic issues. The Duchess of Cambridge underwent treatment with Invisalign six months before marrying Prince William to correct the problems she was having with her teeth. If a royal can undergo this treatment process, we know you can too!

Plenty of celebrities have straightened their teeth with Invisalign and provide the perfect example of what this corrective treatment can do for your smile. Whether your orthodontic issues are big or small, Invisalign may be the solution for you! Cal Dental Group has Invisalign dentists to help our patients with this treatment. Call us today or schedule an appointment online!