Dentist in Santa Monica, CA

The only thing worse than Los Angeles traffic is dealing with a dentist that doesn’t treat you right. When you choose Cal Dental Group as your dentist in Santa Monica, you don’t need to worry about either! We understand that apprehension when visiting a dentist’s office is common; that’s why we provide you with a comforting experience in our clinic, whether you’re not nervous or you’re as anxious as can be. All our staff members are caring, attentive, and kind—not to mention fantastic at dentistry!

Our dental professionals provide a wide range of services—whatever you need, we can help you with. From cosmetic to general dentistry and from orthodontics to dental implants, Cal Dental Group is here.

One of our top dental services is a deep cleaning. Don’t worry—it sounds a scarier than it is. When you choose us as your dental clinic in Santa Monica, you can rest assured knowing that all our procedures are as simple and painless as technologically possible. A deep cleaning ensures that you go home with your teeth in top form. We’ll also look for signs of gum and periodontal diseases and set up a follow-up appointment if we find anything. It’s important to address issues like that as quickly as possible so they don’t get any worse.

If you have an interest in a cosmetic dentist in Santa Monica, we can help with that, too! A smile is the way you make a first impression, so it’s a good idea to have a great one. A touch of cosmetic dentistry can work wonders on your confidence and self-esteem; make an appointment today.

If you have any questions for your new dentist in Santa Monica, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. The team at Cal Dental Group is here to help!