Follow These 5 Steps if Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Follow These 5 Steps if Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Teeth are very strong, but one unfortunate accident can lead to a tooth being knocked out. However, it is possible to save your tooth if this incident occurs. Whether you fell or something hit you in the face, follow these steps if your tooth gets knocked out so you can quickly correct the situation.

Locate the Knocked-Out Tooth

First and foremost, you cannot save the tooth you knocked out without locating it. If you don’t have the tooth, the dentist must take other measures to restore your smile. However, your dentist can re-implant the tooth if you follow the next steps. On a side note, only grab your knocked-out tooth by the crown and not the roots to avoid damaging it.

Rinse the Tooth and Your Mouth

You must rinse any dirt or debris from the tooth to keep it clean. It’s essential that you only use water to rinse the knocked-out tooth and never scrub it. Doing so can damage it more, so be as gentle as possible! You must also rinse your mouth with water to eliminate blood, food particles, and other contaminants.

Place the Tooth Back in the Socket or a Cup of Milk

For the dentist to save your tooth, you must keep it moist after it falls out. The best way to do this is to gently push the tooth back into the socket it fell from. You can hold the tooth in place by gently biting. If that doesn’t work, you can place the tooth in milk. The liquid can balance the acids that the tooth’s roots need to survive. If you cannot put it back in the socket, keep it “alive” in cold milk.

Call Cal Dental Group

Now that you have secured the clean tooth, you must contact your dentist immediately. The longer you wait to splint the tooth back in place, the less likely your dentist can save it. Cal Dental Group offers a 24-hour emergency dentist in Los Angeles for situations like this. Give us a call when this happens to you so we can quickly restore your natural smile!

Go to Your Emergency Appointment

After giving your dentist a call, meet them at the office for your appointment so they can start splinting the tooth back in place. This process will involve attaching the loose tooth to nearby teeth with composite materials or a wire. These materials hold your tooth in place until it can heal and re-attach to your gums.

Do not miss any of these steps if your tooth gets knocked out! Otherwise, your dentist might not be able to save it. If this unfortunate accident happens to you, don’t worry! The quicker you follow these steps, the better your chance of restoring your smile. Remember to call Cal Dental Group if this happens to you!