Benefits of Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding

Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding

Most of us occasionally grind our teeth, which, according to the dentists, is harmless. However, when the frequency of teeth grinding increases, it becomes harmful as it can trigger several oral health issues. For most individuals, teeth grinding occurs at night due to stress and anxiety.

Headache and Pain Prevention

These individuals will often suffer from sore jaws or headaches during the day time. Teeth grinding can be a painful and annoying issue to experience, hence the several treatment options. But, out of all of the treatment options, the dentist will recommend a mouthguard.

Money-Saving in the Long-Term

Mouthguards are recommended over other treatment options because they are inexpensive, quick, and simple to do. Other teeth grinding treatments will require expensive dental treatment, such as dental implants or cosmetic surgery. Such treatment options are costly, lengthy, and painful to experience. Thus, mouth guards are a simple, quick, and cheap option.

Prevention of Tooth Damage

Mouthguards are commonly sold at various pharmacies, but dentists recommend that you don’t get these. This is because there are not specifically made for your mouth. Therefore they are likely to irritate your gums and displace themselves in your mouth. By opting for a custom made mouthguard, you will not have to worry about such issues, as they fit in your mouth perfectly, stay in place, and will not create any discomfort.

Benefits of Custom Mouthguards

The dentist in Los Angeles will create the perfect mouth guard for you by taking an impression of your mouth. This impression will then be sent to a specialist who will make an actual mouthguard for you. Therefore, the final mouthguard is exactly according to your mouth, which you can wear comfortably anytime.

Initially, all mouthguards will feel strange, but you will get used to the feeling with time. The more you wear your mouthguard, the quicker you will be able to reduce your initial discomfort. As per the dentist, mouth guards are not only made for people with teeth grinding issues. These mouth guards are also used by athletics, as 50 percent of mouth injuries come from various sporting activities. A mouth guard helps prevent injuries such as chipped teeth, broken teeth, or damage to soft tissue.