Why You Shouldn’t Wait if You Have a Dental Emergency

Why You Shouldn’t Wait if You Have a Dental Emergency

Are you the person that will hold off on seeing your dentist until you absolutely cannot stand the pain anymore? This could be harmful to your oral and overall health. Learn why you shouldn’t wait to see your dentist if you have a dental emergency.

Your Pain Will Only Increase Overtime

The longer you wait to see your dentist, the more your pain will increase. For example, if you have a persistent toothache, it likely will worsen until you seek help for the issue. Oral pain can be very difficult for people to tolerate, so the quicker you get to your dentist, the faster you’ll receive comfort.

Increases the Likelihood of an Infection

A dental emergency could include a broken tooth, jaw pain, tooth loss, and gum swelling. The more you avoid seeing your dentist, the more you risk catching an infection. Leaving an infection in your mouth is potentially dangerous because it can enter your bloodstream and spread to your sinuses, neck, or other areas of your body. If you have symptoms of increased heart rate, fever, or a decrease in breathing, seek medical help immediately.

You Could Save a Tooth

Imagine you fall on concrete and chip or lose a tooth. Your dental provider can save this tooth if you get to their office as quickly as possible. The more you avoid the dentist after this incident, the less likely it is that they can repair your tooth. When this happens to you, either place the tooth back in the socket or put it in milk to help preserve it until you can see your dentist.

The Issue Won’t Go Away on Its Own

Unless you have a canker sore, most toothaches and the symptoms accompanying them will not go away on their own. You shouldn’t wait if you have a dental emergency because you’ll have to endure persistent discomfort and pain for longer.

Dental and oral health is extremely important to your well-being. Oftentimes, dental pain can point to other signs and issues occurring within your body. Do not wait to find help; call your dental provider immediately if you have a dental emergency. You can seek emergency dental care in Los Angeles at Cal Dental. We’re here to protect your oral health, even in emergencies.